EasyKart Cadet

At a starting price of £2199.00 + VAT complete the Easykart Cadet is fantastic value for an 8yr to 13yr to start karting. On purchasing your Easykart you will be invited to our factory for a seat fitting and detailed hand over which explains all you need to know about your new Easykart.

The first racing class in the Easykart project. The Cadet class is developed to produce 8 HP and RPM is restricted by fixed gearing for each track. In countries which have adopted the Easykart Cadet the class has been very successful in illustrating technical equality with contained costs which is vitally important.

A Cadet class should be about the driver’s ability and nothing else.With the chassis frame, crankcases, cylinder head, cylinder, crankshaft all controlled as exchange parts valid only for exchange due to damage Easykart can assure competitors equal racing with fixed costs and remove the so called “Black Magic” of selected parts.

Easykart Cadet as the rest of the Easykart family is a complete kart with combined serial numbers; it can only be registered to one child and is not permitted to be raced by anyone else in Easykart races. This system ensures fair play and even racing and avoids the cheque book style racing that can be associated with some other Cadet formula.

Easy Cadet Stats- Complete kart ready to Race: £ 2199.00 + VAT

  • Age: From 8 to 13 years.
  • Category weight complete with driver: 106KG
  • Kart Chassis Birel model: L28
  • Bodywork Colour: White pods with black rear pod protection system.
  • ChassisTube ø 28 mm
  • Rear Axle ø 25mmx960mm
  • Brake System: hydraulic
  • Gearing: fixed
  • Easykart slicks
  • Engine
  • 60 cc 2 stroke
  • HP 8 HP
  • Cooling Air
  • Ignition Electronic TAG – electronic start/stop
  • Carburettor Tillotson HL385Afixed jet
  • Combined chassis and engine weight dry 60KG
  • Oil Easykart
  • Clutch Centrifugal

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