Getting Started in the birelART UK series

Getting Started

What next?

Well now you need to get organised, there are a few things you need to think about.

1. New or used birelART EK ?

The main birelART EK design doesn’t change so used residual values are good. You can find karts on our approved used birelART EK kart section of our website. The only reason to go for used in our opinion is your budget and cashflow. You can replace major parts on your easykart as it gets older but this obviously this takes money and dependant on the time frame you can soon realize the same cost of a new easykart! so choose carefully.

The important thing is to get involved so feel free to call the ACR office 01527 889595 and select option 1 if you need more info on any used easykart.

We want you racing in birelART Uk series whether it is on a used or new birelART EK! The lower the racing number of the kart the older it is. For example karts with race numbers 10 to 80 are from 2006 >2008,  numbers 126 > 173 are 2009 > 2010 numbers 174 to 213 are from 2011 > 2012 and numbers 214 upwards are from 2013 onwards in the senior birelART EKrange. The older electronics which are in a black box on the left hand side of the chassis were fitted to karts up to race number 119 – these electronics are now discontinued, however these karts can be converted to the latest electronics at an approx cost of £600 + VAT.

2. To place your order for new birelART 60 , 100 or 125cc !

birelART EK karts are delivered every 6 to 10 weeks and are sold in consignment allocations. To be sure to reserve your kart you can pay a £500 deposit and reserve your place in a consignment of your choice.

We have produced a quick start set up guide for birelART EK newbies .. 

Download our Easykart get started guide



 Need help ? …. feel free to contact us