birelART UK Series Evaluation Driving Test – how to pass and start racing !

Getting ready to taking part in your first birelART UK Series race:

To race in the birelART UK series ALL NEW DRIVERS to the series must complete the birelART UK Series DRIVER EVALUATION TEST.

The birelART UK  Series evaluation test is FREE ! – the following must be completed – a self medical certification declaration, basic written test on racing flags and race procedures, an on track observed track session evaluation carried out by one of our birelART UK series driver coaches / observers.

If all these points of the birelART UK Series Evaluation test are successfully passed you will then be allowed to race in the birelART UK Series !

As a new driver you will be allocated as a “Rookie” for your first racing season – this is also noted in the overall birelART UK series  standings.

As a “Rookie” you will have to run black number plates with white racing numbers for the whole of your first season. After completing your first season you will lose your “Rookie” status and move onto yellow number plates with black racing numbers.

If you have already raced karts or cars in MSA events and you have held a licence of at least at a national B grade in the last 3 years you will still have to take the birelART series Evaluation test. However during the test we will evaluate if you are really Rookie status or not!

If you have held a MSA kart licence of A grade or above you will still have to take the test as a “refresher” but afterwards you will not be noted as a “Rookie”. 

Evaluation tests take place at Easykart UK events only. The first tests will be carried out at the Official birelART UK Series shakedown test at Whilton Mill on Saturday 11th February 2017.

If you require a test on this day please reserve your place by calling the birelART UK Series office 01527 889595

Thereafter Evaluation tests will take place on each Saturday practice day of every round of the 2017 birelART UK Series.

If you complete the test successfully on the Saturday you will be able to race the very next day on the Sunday !

Evaluation tests can only be booked and reserved prior to an event. 

To book and reserve your test contact the birelART UK Series office : 01527 889595