History – Easykart UK to the birelART UK series

History – Easykart UK to the birelART UK series

Easykart was born over 15 years ago when kart manufacturing giant Birel decided to design a one make category of kart for drivers to get involved into motorsport which was cost effective and simple to maintain – in other words easy – the rest as they say is history ! Easykart was born.

Easykart as a franchise now successfully runs in Italy, Venezuela, Russia,UK, Greece, Barbados

Every year over 200 hundred of the top easykart drivers from each country are selected to come to Italy to the World EasyKart Finals to represent their country. For a rookie it gives the possibility of a world title on their CV early on in their careers or at the other end of the age spectrum a chance for a driver to compete internationally and competitively on a level playing field at an affordable price.

Many of today’s F1 stars Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Ricciardo,Verstappen all started their driving careers in karts.

For 2017 the Championship is being re branded in the UK as the birelART UK Series as we continue to improve our ek product and racing series whilst at the same time keeping to the very roots of the original easykart ethos

Within our website you can find –

  • birelARTcadet 60  7 -12 years old
  • birelARTjunior 100 for 12–16 year olds
  • birelARTsuper 125 for 16yrs +


Remember all birelART 60, 100 ,125 are complete and are ready to race
– just add fuel !


The philosophy of  the birelART Uk seriest is simple, affordable racing on a one make birelART chassis and Iame ek engine, no tuning, controlled tyres, registered worldwide database for owners , restrictions on adjustments to your birelART kart making the emphasis on driver ability and fair play. The birelART UK series is against cheque book style racing !

birelART UK can help you enter the world of motorsport, we can help you select your birelART category, give advice an recommendations and offer support and advice to help you get on the grid !

Once you have your birelART 60 ,100 or 125 kart you can take our FREE birelART UK series evaluation driving test as well as completing a short written paper about race procedures, flags and general safety.

If you pass you can start racing and join the birelART UK series.