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Easykart UK technical bulletins are released through out the season.

2015 Easykart Class weight limits

For 2015 the Easykart Class weight limits will change: Easykart Cadet: 107kgs    Easykart Junior: 140kgs   (min driver weight 40kg) Easykart Lights: 158kgs    (min driver weight 55kg for drivers under 16 years old) Easykart Masters: 169kgs (min driver weight 84kg or waived if driver is over 35 years...
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Buckmore Park : Winter Cup set ups

Suggested Easykart set ups for Buckmore Park A couple of things to bear in mind… Its almost WINTER ! so its cold first thing in the mornings, so for the first couple of sessions run your engine on a rich setting and allow a couple of laps for it to...
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LLANDOW SET UP GUIDELlandow TipsLlandow is quite bumpy and very physical to drive, braking in a straight line and progressively is key. Over start finish and into the hook chicane it is very important as you must make sure you get close to the kerb on the rightside as you enter...
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