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Easykart Driver Evaluation Tests – do you need one ?

Easykart Driver Evaluation tests are now FULL up for the Easykart Official shakedown test at Whilton Mill on Saturday Feb 14th !If you are a new driver to Easykart you will need to take a driver evaluation test to enter the 2015 Easykart Championship.The evaluation test is FREE ! – but...
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EASYKART UK TECHNICAL WORKSHOP 2015 – BOOK NOW !Date: Sunday 25th January 2015 PRIOR BOOKING REQUIREDThe technical Easykart UK workshops proved to be very popular earlier this year both for new owners and existing Easykart owners helping them pick up valuable tips for their Easykarts.The 2015 Technical workshop will will be...
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Race EasyKart Cadet from 7 years old….

Race Easykart Cadet from 7 years old in 2015 !Lewis Hamilton started racing at 8 years old but for next year young drivers can start racing Easykart Cadet from 7 years of age in the 2015 Easykart UK Championship.Next years Easy Cadet Championships will permit drivers to race that are...
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