birelART “club race” this weekend !

This weekend see’s the first ever birelART UK Series club race thanks to our friends at Rissington kart club.

birelARTcadet60 and birelARTJunior100 have been given seperate slots during the Rissington club race to have their own club style race run and managed by the birelART UK Series as normal.

The birelART UK Series “club” format will consist of 3 laps warm up and 3 race heats with random starting grids  and rookies starting at the back of the grid. The final starting grid will be determined by the results of the heats.

birelART UK Series boss Andy Cox  “The idea behind the “club style race” is to give our customers the opportunity to use their kart on another race weekend in a different format. Our rules and regulations still apply as normal as does the birelART Uk Series ethos. Hopefully other karters and spectators will see how fair,close and fast our birelART EK karts are as well as what good value they are too !”




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