Maintenance Tip: Clutch Roller bearing !

Engine Clutch roller bearing

Its important that you clean and grease the clutch roller bearing between Easykart race events. The Clutch bearing can dry out and damage the end of your crankshaft, plus the clutch drum won’t rotate smoothly.

How to remove the clutch drum to grease the bearing:

You can leave the engine on the kart to do this but you have to remove the chain first , its easier to take the engine off the kart to be honest !

You can leave the spark plug in the engine – do not use a piston stop ! . Remove the clutch cover, use an impact battery gun with a 17mm socket and undo the crank nut , remove the small external clutch washer, slide off the clutch drum.

Remove the clutch roller bearing and larger internal clutch thrust washer. Use fine emery cloth on the smooth part of the end of the crankshaft to clean and remove any residue or dirt.

Spray the clutch hub, the end of crankshaft and the clutch roller bearing itself and the clutch drum with brake cleaner to ensure they are clean and dry. If the roller bearing needles are very loose, rusted or pitted its a good idea to replace the bearing.

If the internal and external washers are worn and scored again we would recommend these are changed too – call the Easykart UK office 01527 889595 if you need these.

To re assemble put the larger internal clutch washer with “chamfered edge pointing towards the engine.

Next take the clutch roller bearing apply a sapphire high temp lithium grease (grey or black colour) and fill the gaps between the rollers, don’t go mad and put too much grease ! , wipe any excess grease away before your slide the clutch roller bearing onto the crank.


Next slide the clutch drum and sprocket onto the clutch roller bearing making sure it rotates. Then put the smaller external clutch washer onto the crankshaft.

Use a blue or medium Loctite on the thread on the end of the crank before putting the crank nut back on making sure that the “chamfered” edge of the nut points to the engine.

Its a good idea to put the cranknut on by hand to ensure it isn’t cross threaded. Finally using your impact gun with 17mm socket tighten the crank nut. The clutch drum should have slight movement backwards and forwards towards you when tight.

Refit the clutch cover and re mount the engine to your Easykart !

Easykart UK's photo.
Easykart UK's photo.
Easykart UK's photo.

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