Race EasyKart Cadet from 7 years old….

Race Easykart Cadet from 7 years old in 2015 !

Lewis Hamilton started racing at 8 years old but for next year young drivers can start racing Easykart Cadet from 7 years of age in the 2015 Easykart UK Championship.

Next years Easy Cadet Championships will permit drivers to race that are 7 years old but in the year of their 8th birthday.

Drivers will have to meet a minimum drivers weight of 27kg including racing suit,boots,gloves and helmet and be a minimum height of 1 metre 25cms.

It will be obligatory for new Easy Cadet drivers aged 7 years old and in the year of their 8th birthday, to complete two Official Easykart test days and pass the Easykart Evaluation driver test before they are allowed to race in the Easykart Championship.

Easykart UK recommend young drivers considering racing with us to have previous or current Bambino or Bambino corporate karting experience.

A complete ready to race Easykart Cadet is £2250.00 + VAT.. just add the fuel.

For more information call Easykart UK 01527 889595

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