How much life is left in a used Easykart engine ?

 Check the bore size in the advert

The bore size is the size that the engine cylinder bore is on. Each engine cylinder has a life that consume a range of pistons. Its important to remember that a pistons life can be between 15 to 20 hours (about 1 season) For all the easy engines there are about 15 to 20 sizes of piston in the range dependant on the Easykart model. When an engine is serviced its common for the next size piston to be put in. If an engine reaches its maximum bore it means that a new cylinder must be purchased, the cost of an exchange cylinder is between £200 and £300 dependant on the Easy Kart engine model.


  • Easy Cadet Bore Size starts: 42.50 Max Bore size = 42.70
  • Easy Junior Bore size starts: 50.80 Max Bore Size = 51.23
  • Easy Senior Bore size starts : 54.00 Max Bore size = 54.28


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